Guys, please read my extremely NSFW Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic told from the perspective of Groot here.

I don’t normally rec a lot of PWP, but wow. Stop what you’re doing and read this, you won’t regret it!


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Last night was the best welcome back ever. Plus no hangover today which is a bonus! Now to brave the fringe on the royal mile and pack for Manchester tomorrow

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anons need to chiillll

Amen brother

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Hahaha, that anon has a point. There's nothing more annoying than someone pretending to be drunk cos they think it's cool

Let’s face a fact. At uni I 50% drunk tbh

This is why Sam is better than you

This is why Sam is better than you

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Wow you're so drunk and it's apparent by your ability to take a selfie, post it, and describe how drunk you are. Please

Mate. This is the first time I’ve been with my friends in three months. So, and this is sincere, shut up

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You're (very) pretty (drunk) :3


Tell me in pretty (drunk)

Tell me in pretty (drunk)

My popcorn machine has been broken in #oops

My popcorn machine has been broken in #oops


I just want to go to bed but preferably with you

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I still check on you.

No matter what happened between us, or how long its been since we last talked, I still care, I wanna know you’re doing and feeling. I don’t stalk you but just enough to know you’re okay because you’re still that person I miss and the person who will always be in my heart.

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the problem with me is that i care too much about what others think of me & it literally kills me 

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I want to hug you.

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I want to do naughty things to you